Review by Patricia

"I ordered this as a baby shower gift for a very special friend. This gift exceeded my expectation, and my friend is thrilled. Hillary was always prompt and very helpful in assisting me with questions during the process. The quality of her artistry is exquisite. I highly recommend this purchase as a beautiful compliment to any nursery."

Nautical Collection

Nautical Sailboat Nursing Cover


Nautical Sailboat Nursing Cover This Nursery Box is a pre-order. We will notify you once it ships!

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Nautical Sailboat Minky Baby Blanket


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Nautical Sailboat Fleece Baby Blanket


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Designed in Home

All patterns and designs are created in home through watercolor mediums. All of the work you see here is hand created and custom. You won't find these patterns or style elshwere and are unique to Hillary's personal style and love for all things beautiful.

Baby Blankts

Wall Art

Hand-Painted Decor

All of the paintings and patterns in our products are hand-painted by Hillary Proctor. Each piece is designed and thoughtfully curated to bring unique styles to children's rooms and nurseries.  Her simple and sweet style can only be found here and we guarantee you won't find anything else like it!

Creating a Unique Nursery Experience

Our mission is to provide beautiful and unique children's products that are not just functional but sentimental with purpose. We hope to be a household name in every nursery where little ones grow beneath our paintings, patterns and blankets.