Floral Boho Nursery

Boho nurseries are in right now! One of the big appeals is that anything goes and you can mix and match styles and still incorporate boho elements into your nursery. 

I wanted to show an example of this by pairing my floral pink set with boho elements like the light fixture and knit ottoman. I paired traditional elements like the diamond rug and florals with a little more of a modern twist with the boho accents.

Mowery Round Rattan Basket

I am a huge fan of anything wicker and find that it goes with most decorating styles. Baskets are also great for storage while not taking up a lot of space and still adding a decorative element to the nursery. I prefer taller wicker baskets as they seem to hold more and are great for throwing items like stuffed animals and blankets into. 

Lyon 3-Light Empire Chandelier

This light fixture, what is not to love?! Beaded fixtures are swoon-worthy and can go with so many different styles. So if the baby grows out of the light fixture you can always transfer it to another room (why not spice up the laundry room!). You can also find them at so many different price points so there is an option for everyone. 

Colona Shag White Area Rug

Even if you have carpet in your nursery, adding an accent rug that compliments your carpet can tie your room together, make a soft space for tummy and play time. I chose this diamond pattern rug to counteract some of the more boho elements that I chose for this design. 

Greysen Pouf Bungalow Rose

Hello, boho ottoman! How cute is this ottoman with its multiple textures and cream fringe. I love this piece and brings so much personality to the collection. Plus its natural so it can go with many different styles and colors.

While I think most people are on some kind of a budget when decorating their nursery, I chose items that were reasonably priced. Save the expensive things for furniture, like your dresser and crib!

I am all for mix and matching pieces, I chose a few things that are consistent that pull the nursery together. Those things being the crib sheet, blanket, and wall art. Having these elements in the nursery brings a cohesive feel when you walk into the room.

Nurseries should feel relaxing and peaceful. You'll be spending a lot of time in here as the baby grows so make sure it's a room you love to be in. 

If you're interested in viewing all of these items together, you can also view them on my Pinterest board here

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