Nursery Prints Featured on Pottery Barn Kids

I was just going about my own business when I received a message on Etsy about my artwork on Pottery Barn Kids. Uh, what?! I quickly went to their website and did some searching to find out what people were talking about. I finally came upon the Ava Regency Dresser and below the product, the image has my Instagram post! I was thrilled and I spammed all my social outlets to tell everyone the good news. Since this has happened I have been getting a lot of requests for this exact print setup. While the two middle images in the Instagram post are not mine, I made a set that is almost identical but within the Hillary Proctor Studio brand. 

While I know it's not some huge featuring and it's just an Instagram post some may say, it means a lot to me and any exposure makes me happy. I keep telling you, but I'll keep saying, I love making art for your little one's nurseries. It brings me so much joy to know that these sweet paintings are hanging above their crib or changing table. In its purest of forms, all my art is painted from the heart.

If you have any of my artwork hanging above or next to any Pottery Barn products please send me a picture to my E-mail, Etsy or Instagram account. I'd love to share it and see what you have done with my artwork!

By the way, this post was in no way sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids. I have created this post by my own fruition. 
April 21, 2018 by Hillary Proctor


Hillary Proctor Studio

Hillary Proctor Studio said:

Hi Jo! The sizes in the images above are roughly 11×14. Thank you!


Jo said:

Hi, just wondering what size prints are in the Blush Pink NurseryPrint collection photo…

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