We believe in giving babies and children the best and safest sleep and because of that we wanted to post some of the safe sleep guidelines for you provided by the AAP. 

About 3500 infants die each year from unsafe sleep practices and we want to highly encourage everyone to provide a safe sleeping environment for children. 

Place Baby on their Back to Sleep 

  • Place baby on their back for every sleep until 1 year of age
  • Side sleeping is not safe and not advised 
  • Skin to skin is important after the first hour of birth, but afterwards place baby in a supine position in a bassinet 

Place Baby on Firm Sleep Surface

  • Use a firm sleep surface that is safety approved that is covered by a fitted sheet with no other bedding or soft objects 
  • Infants should never be left alone sleeping on soft surfaces such as beds, sofas and chairs 
  • Soft bedding is a risk for infants 4 months and younger

Room Share with Baby

  • It is recommended to room share with your baby until at least 6 months of age
  • Place baby in a bassinet next to your beside, but not in the bed with you 
  • Make sure no blankets or sheets can fall inside the babies safe sleep environment 

Keep Objects out of Babies Crib

  • It is recommend to keep any objects such as blankets and toys out of a babies crib until 1 year of age and approved by your pediatrician 

For more information about safe sleeping standards for your child please learn more about it from the AAP website here